We provide packaging Machine Overseas


Tzaw Bao always as the best listener for customer’s reaction to recommend the most suitable devices, and adhere for the originality of Taiwan, all components are assembled in our plane by top ranking raw material in order to supply best quality to customers, with final goal for stable quality and to meet the environmental protection. All the packaging machineries as per customer’s valuable fixture for more business.

Mochi , Peanut Candy Packaging Machine

MODEL - 678 Mochi , Peanut Candy

Chocolate Ball , Nut Packaging Machine

MODEL - 578 Chocolate Ball

Card , Meat , Cookie Packaging Machine

MODEL - 668



Salad , Cheese Paste Packaging Machine

MODEL - 577

Powder , Pellet Packaging Machine

MODEL - 575

Mushrooms Meat Paste

MODEL - 657

Jam & Honey Packaging Machine

MODEL - 657 Double Seal

Sauce , Soup Packaging Machine Double Seal

MODEL-657 Sauce Soup

655 Double Seal

MODEL - 655 Double Seal

Tzaw Bao Co., has been established in 1988 and specialized in the Auto Packaging machinery,

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